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How To Prepare Your Building Company For A Downturn

Product Suite - Creating A Plan B

Step-By-Step Video Training On
How To Survive The Recession

This online training is valued at $497 and is yours free!

This detailed step-by-step training includes...

  • Mindset Training: How to keep your cool while everyone around you is losing their minds. You'll discover how to shift your thinking and identify the opportunities that lie ahead of you so you can lead your team to safety.
  • Financials Training: Where you need to be financially to weather a downturn and exactly what numbers you should be focusing on.
  • Analysing Your Current Position: Exactly what figures to analyse and where to take action fast.
  • Efficiencies Training: What areas of your building company you can improve on and where you can actually increase your margins. Discover what deals you can negotiate and with who at these times.
  • Strategic Planning: How to take all of that data and revise your plan for the next 12 months and what needs to be done in the immediate 90 days.
  • Communication: What to say and how to say it to your team, clients, contractors and suppliers to stay positive but be realistic about the future so everyone can come together.
  • Sales Strategy Training: Exactly what you need to change when talking to your prospects and how to keep advancing the sale in these difficult times.
  • Marketing Strategy Training: Why you need to change your marketing messages yesterday and actually talk about the elephant in the room.
  • Advertising Strategy Training: How all of the above impacts your spend on online advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Discover what advertising spend you should STOP immediately.
  • Getting Started FAST: A final training detailed how you can implement everything you've learned FAST and waste no time. You can even download the quick start checklist to ensure you're not missing anything!

$497 Of Value... Yours Completely Free!

At APB we believe it is our mission to serve the owners of residential building companies.

Therefore we're offering our advanced How To Survive The Recession Training we created for members, completely free of charge.

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