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Some Of Our Builders...

I Don’t Want Other Builders Knowing About This

“I was very leery and even when I joined, I thought, is this for real? If people honestly want to change their business, and let’s be honest, we’re not a Hallmark movie where the individual’s a terrible person, and then they change overnight. Here, if you want change it’ll come, if your eyes are open, and you understand it. For me, I’m absolutely grateful that we did this because it has changed how I see things, how we run our business. We build the same great home, but now I understand the processes. So, yes, I will say it: If anyone joins from Utah, I’m going to be p*ssed.”

Max Mills
RM Mills Construction, Utah, United States

There’s No Way We Could Have Achieved What We Have Without APB’s Help

“I always laugh because when we joined, I remember hearing of other members who say they don’t recommend APB to other people because they don’t want other people to know… And we don’t recommend it to our friends, but to anyone else that’s a little bit outside of that circle and not in the same area as us, we just rave and rave and rave about it. The time and the money that we paid for APB doesn’t even come into it because there’s no way we could have ever achieved what we have without the help of someone like APB. The small amount that we pay is well and truly included within the contracts. And we couldn’t have done it without APB.”

Clare Harbinson
Coy’s Constructions, Victoria, Australia